Nurturing Global Talent: Building and Growing International Teams


As a Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, I have consistently emphasized the importance of talent as the most valuable resource within any organization. Recruiting, mentoring, and developing large, international teams of individual contributors and leaders has been a focal point of my leadership approach. In this blog post, I will share insights and examples that highlight my ability to foster the growth and success of global teams. From prioritizing face-to-face interactions to creating a culture of continuous learning, join me as we explore the strategies that have allowed me to nurture talent across geographical boundaries.

Fostering Face-to-Face Interactions:

Recognizing the significance of face-to-face interactions in building trust and fostering relationships, I have made it a priority to facilitate in-person meetings whenever possible. By bringing team members together, regardless of geographical location, I have successfully broken down potential cultural barriers and fostered a sense of unity and shared purpose. These interactions have been instrumental in aligning the team and building strong working relationships.

Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning:

A supportive atmosphere that promotes individual and team growth is crucial in nurturing talent. To achieve this, I have implemented tailored training programs and workshops to enhance our team’s technical skills. By investing in their professional development, I have empowered team members to stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies, ensuring that we deliver high-quality solutions. Moreover, I have recognized the importance of leadership development, offering opportunities that are inclusive and mindful of the diverse backgrounds and aspirations of our team members.

Leading by Example: Key Examples of Talent Nurturing

  1. SRAX: As the EVP of Software Engineering, I led a diverse global team of 125 individuals across the United States and Mexico. By assessing talent gaps and recruiting top talent aligned with our company culture, I built a strong foundation. Mentorship programs and career development plans were implemented to support our team’s professional growth and foster a culture of continuous learning.
  2. AGCO, Inc.: In my role as Director of Engineering, I managed three global design centers in Europe, overseeing a team of 300 personnel. By attracting global talent and cultivating a stimulating work environment, I balanced innovation and stability. Recognizing high-potential individuals and providing growth opportunities demonstrated my commitment to nurturing internal talent.
  3. SNT Media: Building a 150-strong engineering team, I established clear expectations and created a supportive atmosphere for individual and team growth. Training programs and workshops enhanced technical skills, while leadership development opportunities allowed team members to explore their potential. Assessing both capability and cultural fit played a crucial role in building a cohesive and successful team.


Throughout my career, I have prioritized recruiting, mentoring, and growing large, international teams of individual contributors and leaders. By emphasizing face-to-face interactions, fostering continuous learning, and creating a culture of support and growth, I have successfully nurtured talent across geographical boundaries. Personal investment in team members’ growth, coupled with an understanding of their aspirations, has allowed me to strengthen relationships, mentor effectively, and guide individuals into leadership roles. Through these strategies, I have significantly contributed to the expansion and efficiency of the teams I have managed, fostering a global network of talent ready to drive success and innovation.

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