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Digital Product Launches^



Revolutionize your business with WorkloadX, a technology-driven solution designed to reduce high variable costs and unlock scalable growth. Say goodbye to the manual process of searching for endorsements and extracting metadata, as WorkloadX automates these tasks using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. Break free from the reliance on a few skilled staff members by digitizing and democratizing your intellectual property, empowering your entire workforce. WorkloadX simplifies your workflow by integrating all processes into a unified system, eliminating inefficiencies caused by disparate systems. Experience increased profitability and efficiency, paving the way for a 100x evaluation. Embrace the future of enterprise productivity with WorkloadX and propel your business to new heights


Team Size: 15,

Impact: In Beta

Technology: VueJS/OpenAI/Flask/Python/Php/Postgres

Deployment: SaaS

Sector: Insurance Tech



Introducing TrendScribe, the automated content creation platform that will revolutionize the way you engage your audience. With TrendScribe, you can generate high-quality, personalized content effortlessly, based on trending keywords and targeted persona tags. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) technologies, TrendScribe empowers businesses to create captivating content that resonates with their target audience and drives conversions. Stay one step ahead of the competition and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry with TrendScribe. Experience the future of content creation and unlock the potential to captivate, engage, and convert with ease


Team Size: 5,

Impact: In Beta

Technology: VueJS/OpenAI/Flask/Python/Php/Postgres

Sector: MarTech

MedoSphere – HIPAA Compliant Social Media Platform


With the integration of advanced Digital Rights Management (DRM) and copyright capabilities, MedoSphere empowers doctors to securely share their invaluable knowledge and expertise while protecting their intellectual property. Imagine a platform that not only enables secure knowledge-sharing but also opens up new avenues for doctors to monetize their contributions.

At MedoSphere, we believe in the power of collaboration, learning, and driving innovation within the medical field. By fostering a vibrant community of medical professionals, we encourage meaningful conversations, nurture professional relationships, and inspire groundbreaking ideas. Imagine being part of a platform that not only fuels professional growth but also unlocks new revenue streams and drives business expansion.


Team Size: 25,

Impact: In Beta

Technology: React/Django/Python/Postgres

Sector: MedTech

Sequire -Investor Intelligence Platform


Our vision is to transform investor insights and marketing for CFOs by providing a cutting-edge platform that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to track behaviors and persona classification, enabling targeted marketing strategies that drive growth and maximize ROI. With our platform, CFOs can unlock valuable insights into investor behavior and preferences, enabling them to make data-driven decisions and achieve unparalleled success in their marketing efforts.


Team Size: 125,

Impact: 300 CFOs with over 1 Million investors

Technology: VueJS/NodeJS/Python/Elasticsearch/AWS

Sector: FinTech

Synopsis – Ad Tech Platform with a Digital Ad Unit


Our vision is to transform digital advertising by providing a cutting-edge ad unit that leverages edge computing to execute real-time bidding, maximizing publisher ad inventory for over 1000 publishers. By harnessing the power of edge computing, our solution enables lightning-fast ad bidding, ensuring that publishers can monetize their inventory to the fullest extent possible. With our platform, publishers can achieve unprecedented revenue growth and advertisers can access highly-targeted ad placements, driving engagement and boosting ROI.


Team Size: 150,

Impact: 1000+ publishers

Technology: VueJS/JavaScript/NodeJS/Python/Postgres/AWS

Sector: AdTech



Our vision is to super charge a consumer’s digital footprint protection and monetization by leveraging cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and statistical techniques to measure and monetize the digital sensory signals of consumers across 16 million installs. By protecting and monetizing this data, we enable consumers to maintain control over their online presence while empowering businesses to access highly-targeted, personalized insights into consumer behavior. With our platform, businesses can optimize their marketing efforts, increase engagement, and drive growth, all while respecting the privacy and autonomy of consumers.


Team Size: 75,

Impact: 16M installs

Technology: Swift / Kotlin / Symfony / Postgres

Sector: AdTech

Goal Cloud


Our vision is to enhance user experience by offering a goal-oriented cloud storage data fabric. We leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to understand a user’s goals and automatically provision the optimal data fabric, providing tailored experiences that enable users to achieve their objectives more efficiently and effectively. By doing so, we facilitate growth and success across industries, delivering a differentiated value proposition to our users.


Team Size: 13,

Impact: Product Placement in NetApp Data Fabric solutions

Technology: Angular/Java/API

Deployment: Embedded App

Sector: Storage

Work Experience ^

Head of Engineering Stealth ∙ (Venture Firm) ∙ Pasadena, CA 6/2022 – Present

Conceptualize entrepreneurial vision and generate a product strategy, marketing functional requirements, build 0 to 25-person teams and successfully released 3 MVP SaaS solutions, demonstrated 10x return on investment.

EVP of Engineering SRAX, Inc. ∙ (NASDAQ: SRAX) ∙ Los Angeles, CA 1/2018 – 6/2022

Directed operations originating as an entrepreneurial idea with zero revenues and no client base and achieved $25M annual sales, 250 clients, and 6 patents by delivering an investor intelligence platform.

Directed development of  B2C permission-first consumer data management platform and consumer mobile app.  Annual sales average $10M.

VP of Engineering SNT Media, Inc. ∙ (Start up) ∙ Sausalito, CA 9/2016 – 1/2018

Directed development of  digital advertising platform with dynamic ad content platform handling 400k concurrent connections achieving 1.6 million dynamic ad insertions per second on 1000+ publishers.

R&D Staff Engineer NetApp, Inc. ∙ (NASDAQ: NTAP) ∙ Sunnyvale, CA 3/2014 – 9/2016

Invented a goal oriented user experience to address the limited real estate of  Single Pane of Glass  (SPOG) applications significantly improving the user experience.

Global Director of Engineering AGCO, Inc.  ∙ (NYSE: AGCO) ∙ Duluth, GA 3/2010 – 3/2014

Orchestrated the development of a RTOS, robust, fault-tolerant, on-board vehicle control system for the global fleet of combines managing a 4yr project with a $60M annual budget.

Director Software Development AGCO, Inc. ∙  (NYSE: AGCO) ∙ Duluth, GA 2/2008 – 3/2010

Delivered 1st global telemetry machine-to-machine fleet management service delivery platform capable of capturing real-time harvest yields and measuring efficiency KPIs.

Director of  Product Management Coppercom, Inc ∙ (Start-up) ∙ Boca Raton, FL 4/2000 – 2/2008

Launched profitable next-generation SIP/IMS switching platform with two award winning products: SwitchMaxx a web-based customer “self-care” system and VoiceMaxx a web-based voice mail system.

Patents Highlights^

Method and Computing Apparatus for Determining a Likelihood of Custodian Accuracy

US 17/505,025 · Filed Oct 19, 2021

In accordance with various embodiments, a system and method for assisting in

determining investor identity based on monitoring trading activity of the most influential investors

is disclosed. In one embodiment, the method is configured to perform an initial “set-up” process,

during which investor profiles of known and unknown investors are obtained and analyzed to

establish investor (shareholder) baseline, iteratively monitor features associated with the profiles

by utilizing a Temporal Attention Mechanism (TAM), and, finally, determine a set of likely

investor candidates whose holdings have likely changed along with relevant investment, market,

and economic data. Further still, the method is configured to present the set of investor candidates

to an operator user (e.g., a financial analyst, CEO/CFO) who then may finalize investor candidacy

by attributing buying/selling behavior.

Method and Computing Apparatus for Determining Shareholder Identity

US 17/505,047 · Filed Oct 19, 2021

Described herein are systems and methods for improving investor impact

forecasting by identifying likely investors affecting a company’s stock price based on monitoring

trading activity. The details of some example embodiments of the systems and methods of the

present disclosure are set forth in the description below. Other features, objects, and advantages

of the disclosure will be apparent to one of skill in the art upon examination of the following

description, drawings, examples and claims. It is intended that all such additional systems,

methods, features, and advantages be included within this description, be within the scope of the

present disclosure, and be protected by the accompanying claims.

Method and Computing Apparatus for Determining a Probabilistic Threshold Event

US 17/479,855 · Filed Sep 20, 2021

The method and computing apparatus obtains shareholder records, reference records, and

custodian records, processes the records, and uses a classifier with a threshold to determine when

a probabilistic event has occurred.

Universal Software Platform For Work Vehicles

US 20160196700

A system for maintaining the operation of a work vehicle comprises a processing element in communication with a memory element. The processing element is configured to execute software components including a device abstraction layer component, a plurality of application programming interface components, a plurality of common machine layer components, and a state manager component. The device abstraction layer component is configured to send data to and receive data from physical components of the work vehicle. The application programming interface components are configured to adjust the data. The common machine layer components are each configured to provide control and monitoring of a physical component. The state manager component is configured to monitor a state of each common machine layer component.

System and method for Alerting that a vehicle will arrive at a point-of-interest within a predetermined time interval

US 20110153143

A system alerts a user that a vehicle will arrive at a point of interest within a predetermined time interval and includes a vehicle-mounted assembly and a remote assembly. The vehicle-mounted assembly includes a location-determining device connected to the vehicle for determining the location of the vehicle, and a first communication device connected to the location-determining device for sending data comprising the location of the vehicle over a communications network. The remote assembly includes a second communication device for receiving the data from the first communication device over a communications network, and a computing device in communication with the second communication device for computing a time-geofence, and for alerting the user. The time-geofence corresponds to a boundary that if the location of the vehicle is within the boundary the vehicle will arrive at the point of interest at earlier than the expiration of a predetermined interval, and if the vehicle is outside the boundary the vehicle will arrive at the point of interest at later than the expiration of a predetermined interval.

Auto-detection of a field in fleet management

US 20110160994

A field boundary may be provided. First, a plurality of location data points may be received. Next, it may be determined whether each of the plurality of location data points is associated with at least one work area. Then a boundary line of the at least one work area may be identified from at least a subset of the plurality of location data points.

Dynamically Triggered Application Configuration

US 20110270723

Dynamically triggered application configuration may be provided. An application trigger may be created and associated with a work area. A characteristic may be associated with a work implement. The work implement may be determined to be located in the work area and, if the characteristic of the work implement satisfies a condition associated with the application trigger, an application configuration may be transmitted to the work implement.

Allocating Application Servers in a Service Delivery Platform

US 20120072341

Application service allocation may be provided. An initial filter criteria comprising an application service may be identified as being associated with a machine. A host address for the application service may be resolved, and the application service may be invoked. A service profile comprising the at least one initial filter criteria may be transmitted to the machine. A plurality of data may be received from the machine and transmitted to the host address associated with the application service.

Evaluating Triggers for Application Control and Machine Configuration

US 20120072922

Evaluation of control and configuration triggers may be provided. A data transmission may be received from a machine. A first initial filter criteria may be determined to apply to the transmitted data, and the transmitted data may be provided to an application service associated with the initial filter criteria. A return message may be received from the application service and may be evaluated to determine whether the transmitted data should be compared to additional initial filter criteria.

Dynamic Service Generation in an Agricultural Service Architecture

US 20120072533

Dynamic service generation may be provided. An application service may be created. Upon receiving a data transmission from a machine, wherein the data transmission comprises a machine identifier, an application service may be identified as being associated with the machine according to the machine identifier. The application service may be invoked on the transmitted data and a response message may be received from the application service.

Self-Provisioning by a Machine Owner

US 20120072322

User provisioning of application services may be provided. A selection of a plurality of agricultural application services may be received from a authenticated user. A subscription entry comprising the selected application services may be created in a database. When a transmission is received from a machine comprising a data measurement and a machine identifier, the subscription entry may be determined to be associated with the machine identifier. The plurality of application services associated with the subscription entry may be invoked and the data measurement may be provided to the plurality of application services.

Billing Management System for Agricultural Services Access

US 20120072317

Billing for application services may be provided. A plurality of data may be received from a machine. The machine may be determined to be associated with a subscribing user, and an application service associated with the machine may be identified. The plurality of data may be provided to the application service and a charge record associated with the subscribing user may be created.

Real-time determination of fleet revenue metric

WO 2013096721

A system for determining a real-time revenue metric is presented. The system can be configured to provide a real-time revenue/loss view of a field to identify underperforming machines whose performance may be improved, as well as identify unprofitable field areas. Machine yield data can be provided to a remote fleet revenue assessment system (FRAS) that can be configured to determine a machine revenue metric for a plurality of machines in a fleet. By way of example, the revenue metric can be in the form of a revenue ratio. Machine revenue metrics can be aggregated to provide a fleet revenue metric to which machine revenue metrics can be compared to identify underperforming machines. Based on a machine metric, a determination can be made as to whether machine operation should be altered to improve revenue production.

Fleet management revenue assurance

WO 2012078562 

Methods and systems for automatic inventorying and reporting of field operations are presented. The invention provides a method for automatically reporting the completion of a field harvest or product application. An apparatus data unit can transmit apparatus location and state data to a central inventory system (CIS), preferably embodied as a central server. The CIS can convert the apparatus data to agricultural elements that can be mapped to a business state for a particular field. The CIS can provide a report of the field business state to an administrative service for scheduling or billing purposes. The invention provides a layer of abstraction so that a report recipient need not have familiarity with agricultural terms in order to perform administrative tasks related to field and fleet management. The invention enables resource management and billing services to be performed in a timely, efficient and accurate manner.

Industry Awards^

  • AGCO Top Innovator Award:  M2M Application Service Delivery Platform                
  • ASABE AE50 Award:  M2M Application Service Delivery Platform                                      
  • Internet Telephony Product of the Year: Online Content and Marketing Management SaaS App                  
  • Internet Telephony Product of the Year:  Online Self-Care Recipient Hardware SaaS App         


  • Launching Products
  • Build and Manage Teams from 0
  • Project Management
  • Team leadership
  • Cross Functional Team Collaboration
  • Product Strategy
  • P&L Accountability ($10M annual)
  • Architecture / System Design
  • Startup Operations
  • Auto Delivery / Continuous Improvement
  • Real world AI/ML applications
  • Quality Control / Assurance
  • JavaScript, Java, C#, Python, PHP, CSS
  • Sass, React, NodeJs, VueJS, Angular
  • PostgreSQL, MySql, SQLite, Redis, Elasticsearch
  • Kubernetes, Docker, Elastic Beanstalk,
  • OpenAPI, GraphQL, Rest, Swagger
  • Agile, SAFe, TDD, PMP
  • Jest, SmartBear, Jasmine, PyTest
  • CloudWatch, DataDog 
  • VS Code, Webstorm, PyCharm, PhpStorm
  • AWS-SQS, RabbitMQ, Lambda,
  • Paas, IaaS, SaaS deployment strategies
  • OpenAI, Scikit, Jupyter, Pandas