New Collaborative Research Project Between NetApp and EECS@WSU

NetApp and Software Engineering Research and Services (SERS) Laboratory at WSU announced a new research partnership on developing automated goal oriented user interfaces for the next generation of storage management software.  This effort is also anticipated to recognize new e-commerce opportunities.

This nexus is formed on the respective strengths of NetApp’s natural language and user experience technologies in the computer-system storage domain (industry relevance and market opportunities), and SERS Lab’s research contributions in the area of construction and evolution of large-scale software systems, including software analytics (academic research).   One of the projected outcomes is a technology to empower IT professionals to specify a system management goal in natural language and the automated solutions will determine the necessary configuration parameters and their values that optimize the desired quality metric (e.g., capacity and performance).  This paradigm offers a radical shift from the ubiquitous form-based interfaces in the targeted market sphere.

See a Demo of the latest research

Overall, the effort will include multiple phases with the foundational work already underway on data analytics of configuration parameters and building an actionable model.   The concluding phase is directed toward tech transfer and to recognize upselling revenue opportunities.  NetApp is currently funding this project, which involves two PIs and a Ph.D. student, and is expected to include additional contributors. 
The long-term goal is to formulate an academic-industry alliance that will integrate and sustain a spectrum of activities, ranging from scientific research to industry practice to classroom education.

Mr. Chris ONeil and Dr. Huzefa Kagdi are the PIs from NetApp and WSU respectively.

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