The Role of SEO in IT solutions

In order to understand the complexities IT professionals face today, consider the relevance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to end users.  Millions of web pages are available, so SEO is essential.  Securing top positions for the right search terms makes it easier to find the correct solution.

Conversely, millions of solutions are available to IT professionals, yet there is no search engine available today that is able to retrieve the correct tools capable of managing the Third Platform.  What are the items a search engine provides today?  Typically, these include: documents, web pages, videos, maps, music, etc.  Each of these items needs some type of user agent to make it usable.  In order to create an IT solution, it is necessary to first understand what the demands of the user agent are.  Specifically, the IT solution user agent must be able to display the solution very much like a typical web page and—more importantly—enable one or more of the following operations: monitor; manage, and provision.

Emerging from browser technology today is a new capability called “responsive UX,” which is made up of individual building blocks called widgets. Popular frameworks including Google’s Angular JS make it possible to use these widgets to create a system for executing tasks that can monitor, manage and provision an IT infrastructure.

Using these widgets it is possible to express an IT solution. This requires the widgets to enable describing the IT solution.  Then, enable the IT solution to execute changes in the infrastructure.  And ultimately, to enable the IT solution to be searchable in the form of a “feature document.”  A feature document is an expression of an IT solution that is readable by search engines for retrieval and which can execute the aforementioned operations: monitor; manage; and provision.

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